Baby Friendly Manitoba

Baby Friendly Manitoba Implementation Committees

Manitoba Health promotes and supports efforts towards making breastfeeding a priority and the normal nutritional choice for babies.

The Baby Friendly Manitoba Implementation Committee is the provincial authority for implementing the Baby Friendly Initiative (BFI) through the Breastfeeding Committee for Canada (BCC).

Through Manitoba’s Baby Friendly Implementation Committee, regional health authorities (RHAs) / hospitals / maternity / community facilities are informed and supported to work towards Baby Friendly Designation, a Global Hospital Assessment Criteria, recognized and respected by professionals and consumers.

Manitoba has a Baby Friendly Hospital Working Group and a Baby Friendly Community Health Working Group to assist RHA and Provincial Nursing Station staff to implement the Baby Friendly Accreditation Standards (url to the background section).  Participation on these working groups is at the discretion of the RHA. 

The working groups have been very effective in sharing best practice approaches, maximizing training opportunities, co-developing teaching materials, problem solving issues and providing staff encouragement and support.