Bienvenue sur le site Web de la Nutrition dans les ?tablissements d'apprentissage et de garde des jeunes enfants! Ce site Web est con?u pour vous offrir des ressources et des outils visant ? appuyer les initiatives en mati?re de nutrition que vous envisagez de mettre en ?uvre dans vos ?tablissements et ? vous aider ? affronter les d?fis auxquels vous ?tes confront?s.

menu and mealtime environment checklist

menu and mealtime environment checklistThis checklist will help you:

      • Review a new or current menu
      • Review your mealtime environment
      • Highlight strengths and areas for improvement
      • Set achievable goals

View the checklist here!

Nurturing Healthy Eaters - In Early Learning and Child Care

Nurturing Healthy Eaters - In Early Learning and Child Care This one-page resource can be used by early learning and child care personnel and shared with families. It outlines children and caregivers’ roles at meal and snack times and positive eating environments.

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A Collection of Tried and True Recipes

A Collection of Tried and True Recipes The intention of this resource is to share the many tried and true, delicious recipes currently being served to children and students across our province. The recipes featured have been sourced from a wide variety of Manitoba programs and facilities including school cafeterias, breakfast and lunch programs, canteens, and child care and early learning centers.

Created with low cost ingredients and simple steps, these recipes can provide nourishing, tasty options for children while saving valuable time.

View or download the recipe book here.

websites and resources

websites and resourcesFor more information, these websites will provide credible information.

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Early Learning and Child Care Program

Early Learning and Child Care ProgramVisit the Early Learning and Child Care Program website at:

child-friendly recipes

Child-Friendly RecipesCheck out our recipes!

Try them in your facility and maybe you’ll find a new favorite!

View or download the recipes here!

Nutrition Fact Sheets

Nutrition Fact SheetsCheck out our fact sheets!

These 1/2 to 1 page nutrition fact sheets can be used as handouts for families or staff, or cut and paste them into your facility newsletter!!

View or download the factsheets here!

Nutrition Handbook for Early Learning and Child Care

Nutrition Handbook for Early Learning and Child CareUse this handbook to help build relationships with families around food; learn more about the nutrition challenges you encounter; provide children with nutritious food choices; and create a healthy eating environment in your facility.

This handbook supports the best practices licensing manual by providing practical advice to help you put the regulations and guidelines into place. The information in this handbook can be individualized to meet the needs of your unique facility.

View or download the handbook here!

Feeding your child ages one to five

Feeding your child ages one to fiveUse this booklet as a reference when feeding and nourishing children from ages 1 to 5. You may want to share this resource with parents.

View the booklet here!

Manitoba Healthy Food in Schools

Manitoba Healthy Food in SchoolsThis Manitoba initiative supports positive school environments by promoting healthy eating and comprehensive school health.

Check out this website for information on healthy fundraisers, packing lunches, healthy celebrations and much more.


    Nutrition inquiries from licensed Manitoba child care facilities can be directed to the facility’s assigned child care coordinator.

    General inquiries from the public about nutrition in early learning and child care can be emailed to