2023 News Releases

24 Manitoba Government Announces Members of Joint Task Force to Reduce Administrative Burdens on Physicians
23 Manitoba Government Expands, Enhances Pain Care Program
20 COVID-19 Bulletin #591
14 Manitoba Government Presents Legislative Amendments to Enhance Fairness of Registration Practices in Regulated Professions, Reduce Barriers to Labour Mobility
10 Manitoba Government Invests Nearly $3 Million to Reduce Pressure on Health Sciences Centre Emergency Department with New Clinic
10 New Amendments Enable Internationally Educated Doctors to Work in Manitoba Sooner
6 Manitoba Government Introduces Regulated Health Professions Amendment Act
1 Province Advises Manitoba Health Cards to Include Alphanumeric Characters
27 Manitoba Government Invests $2.1 Million for Practical Nursing Program in Neepawa
17 Manitoba Government Invests Over $123 Million in Nine Initiatives to Retain and Recruit Nurses
16 COVID-19 Bulletin #590
13 Manitoba Government Extends Clinic Hours, Adds 80 Physician-Training Seats
10 COVID-19 Bulletin #589
3 Manitoba Government Reducing Administrative Burdens to Enable Doctors to Strengthen Focus on Delivering Care
2 Province Expanding Access to In-Home Sleep Testing
25 Manitoba Government Advancing Recruitment of Internationally Educated Nurses
20 Manitoba Government Eliminates Pandemic Backlog for Ultrasound Testing
9 Manitoba Government Invests $6.6 Million to Create Innovative CAR-T Cancer Therapy Program at CancerCare Manitoba