Education Program for Immunization Competencies (EPIC) for Health Care Professionals

Important Notice

A new and improved 3rd edition of EPIC online, the definitive Canadian Education Program for Immunization Competencies, was launched on January 28, 2019. As part of Pedagogy, the Society's new learning management platform, this completely revised and redesigned course provides the most current, evidence-based information on vaccine-related best practices and delivery to a wide range of health care professionals.

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Convenient online Continuing Medical Education (CME) / Continuing Professional Development Program at your own pace and home comfort for physicians and nursing professionals in Manitoba.

Manitoba Health has identified the Education Program for Immunization Competencies (EPIC) as a useful and user-friendly immunization training tool.

Developed by the Canadian Paediatric Society in association with the Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Canada, the EPIC provides participants with an in-depth review of the immunization competencies for health professionals, and training required by immunization providers.

Mirroring the reality of frontline providers, 14 modules have been developed and reviewed by an interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses and pharmacists. They have also been pilot tested in Manitoba, which lead to the addition of a few materials for the health professionals in Manitoba.

Physicians: You can earn 0.5–3 CME credits per module, with the whole EPIC Program adding up to 19 CME credits.

Nurses: You may be able to claim these modules as a continuous learning activity toward renewal of the Canadian Nurses Association certification.

The above-mentioned 14 modules address the following issues:

  1. The Immune System and Vaccines
  2. Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
  3. Vaccine Development and Evaluation
  4. The Types of Immunizing Agents & Their Composition
  5. Population Health
  6. Communication
  7. Storage and Handling of Immunization Agents
  8. Administration of Immunizing Agents
  9. Adverse Events Following Immunization
  10. Documentation
  11. Populations Requiring Special Considerations
  12. The Canadian Immunization System
  13. Immunization Issues
  14. Legal and Ethical Aspects of Immunization 

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