The wait time data provided here are for scheduled tests, treatments and services only. Patients who require emergency care are not placed on a wait list.

Summary of All Hip & Knee Surgeries

Includes Total Hip Replacement, Hip Revision, Knee Replacement, and Knee Revision.

Regional Health Authority
Median Wait Time
(in weeks)
 (per month)
Fiscal Year to Date1
Fiscal Year1
Prairie Mountain Health Brandon Regional Health Centre 43 59 420 620
Southern Health-Santé Sud Boundary Trails Health Centre 41 48 278 297
Winnipeg All Facilities 40 362 2,162 2,998
Concordia Hospital 29 160 974 1,438
Grace Hospital 50 200 1,150 1,500
Manitoba Total 41 469 2,860 3,915

Data for September 2022

1 Fiscal year is April to March.

On rare occasions, hip and knee surgeries are performed at other Winnipeg facilities on an emergency basis. For this reason, the total number of surgeries performed in Winnipeg may exceed the sum of the surgeries performed at the individual facilities listed here.

Median wait time: The point at which half the patients have had their treatment, and the other half are still waiting. For example, if a median wait time is 4 weeks, this means that half of the patients waited less than 4 weeks, and half waited more than 4 weeks. The median is another way of reflecting what a "typical" patient might have experienced in that time period. Unlike the average, the median is not generally influenced by one or two very unusual cases (long or short), and is therefore more stable over time.

Some facilities show longer median wait times. However, this is not an indication that all patients wait longer for hip and knee surgery at those sites.

Hip & Knee Surgeries Historical Information

Historical data for the previous 13 months is available by clicking the link below:

View the historical information here - PDF pdf
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