The blueprint guides Manitoba's health transformation journey. It outlines:

  • the role of each health organization in the target state
  • the functions each organization will perform
  • how organizations will interact with each other to build a better health system for Manitobans

Health Organizations

Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living will lead:

  • health system planning
  • health system performance and accountability management (including information management and analytics) for health care across the province

Shared Health will guide the development of a provincial clinical and preventive services plan. This multi-year plan will guide:

  • how and where services are provided province-wide
  • consider the needs of Manitobans both now and in the future

Shared Health will also manage key programs and facilities that offer health services and programs at a provincial level (including ambulance services and Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg).

Regional health authorities and other health organizations:

  • will continue to be responsible for the delivery of health care services
  • will create consistent and reliable access to care for all Manitobans