Everyday Strategies


The Towards Flourishing project hosts a number of everyday strategies for population-based interventions. Numerous simple strategies have been scientifically proven to have reliable effects on at least one specific behavior (Embry & Biglan, 2008). They are akin to the “active ingredients” found in more complex interventions. According to Embry and Biglan (2008), these evidence-based strategies or, “kernels”, are appropriate for population-based interventions because they are simple, easy to use, low cost, spread by word of mouth, and produce big results. Based on the concept of “kernels‟ and upon extensive consultation with public health and Families First Program stakeholders in Manitoba, a set of nine strategies for enhancing mental health were selected and adapted as Everyday Strategies: Creating a Vision; Three Good Things; Belonging; Connecting With Others; Nasal Breathing; Physical Activity; Self Monitoring; Three Minute Breathing; and Progressive Muscle Relaxation. Daugher & Father