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Fun Zone

Welcome to a rockin' page where you can have fun and learn at the same time. Explore games, puzzles and more!

Aboriginal Memory Game - Flip the cards, match the pictures and discover interesting things along the way.

"BRAINPOP" MOVIES -Watch the movie then take the quiz!
Mineral Identification
Types of Rocks

Building 3 D Map of Earth from Space (NASA Space Place)

Fossil Rock Anthem Song - A song parody regarding rocks (below).


Geological timechart quiz

I am an Exploration Geologist - Colouring and activity book

Life of a Rock Star - Get to know Canada’s first ‘rock band’, an adventurous group of explorers, geologists, palaeontologists and other interesting people whose fascination with ‘rock’ became the stuff of legends.  (Library and Archives Canada)

Mineral Memory Game - A rock-themed take on the classic memory game. The instructions are simple: flip over two tiles and see if you can match the rock pictures. If they match, they will disappear and allow you to see part of the image beneath the tiles. If they don't match, remember what you saw and try another two. It's not as easy as it sounds!

OneGeology Kids

Our World – The Rock Cycle (NASA, below) Video

ROCK CYCLE GAMES (easy) (challenging)

Rocks and You - How to Identify Rocks (below) Video

Science Kids - Geology for Kids
- Discover the subject of geology for kids with a cool range of games, facts, experiments, science fair projects, quizzes, videos and more!

Science Kids - Rocks, Minerals & Soils - Lots of activities to try!

The Learning Zone - Minerals - Plenty of fun games to help you learn more about minerals.

The Learning Zone - Rocky's Journey - Take a journey around the rock cycle.

The Sarah Jane Adventures - Rock & Soils - interactive (BBC)

Turtle Island Game - Pick a guide to help you on your way through Turtle Island.

Who Am I? Rock Game - Test your skill in identifying different types of rock.


Rock’n Sites Around Manitoba!

Looking for great places to learn more about rocks? Explore these Manitoba sites...

Agate Pits - The Souris Rock Shop

Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre

Manitoba Museum - Geology & Paleontology

Mineral Society of Manitoba

Snow Lake Mining Museum

Stonewall Quarry Park

The Ed Leith Cretaceous Menagerie