Mines (Regulatory)

Acts and Regulations

NOTICE: As of December 2, 2011, new requirements for reports of work are in effect. As well, reports of work can now be submitted digitally on CD or DVD. See regulation amendments below for details.


All persons making use of this consolidation are reminded that it has no legislative sanction; that amendments have been embodied only for convenience of reference; and that the original ACT should be consulted for all purposes of interpreting and applying the law.

M162 - Act

M162 - The Mines and Minerals Act

M162 - Regulations

MR 63/92 - Drilling Regulation, 1992

MR 64/92 - Mineral Disposition and Mineral Lease Regulation, 1992

MR 65/92 - Quarry Minerals Regulation 1992

MR 67/99 - Mine Closure Regulation

MR 165/92 - Prospectors Assistance Program Regulation
MR 202/2011 - Prospectors Assistance Program Regulation, amendment


Other Related Acts and Regulations

M190 - The Mining and Metallurgy Compensation Act

M165 - The Mining Claim Tax Act

M195 - The Mining Tax Act

P80 - The Planning Act


P80 - Regulations

MR 81/2011 - Provincial Planning Regulation

W210 - The Workplace Safety and Health Act


W210 - Regulations

MR 212/2011 - Operation of Mines Regulation

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