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Welcome to the Manitoba Petroleum Industry Information Lesson

The Petroleum Branch has recognized the importance of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and the importance of educating students on Manitoba's Petroleum Resources.

The Manitoba Petroleum Branch in partnership with Brandon's Assiniboine Community College and ESRI Canada has created a lesson to introduce students to the basics of the Manitoba Petroleum Industry.

Teachers will be able to use the step-by-step lessons that will begin with an introductory PowerPoint explaining the topic and accompanying materials to complete the lesson and create extension exercises

Lesson 1: How Oil is Produced in the Daly Sinclair Field and Exploration, growth and economics of the oil industry in South Western Manitoba - Senior 2 Social Studies

Please read the Welcome Educators letter (PDF) to further explain what this lesson means to Manitoba Students, how GIS is important in the Petroleum Industry and lessons that will be covered in the Petroleum Industry GIS Information Modules.

In lesson 1 students will become familiar with the software by following step by step instructions while learning about Manitoba's Petroleum Resources. This lesson is based on real data from the Manitoba Petroleum Branch's GIS database.

This lesson was created using the 2006 Manitoba Education, Citizen and Youth document "Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes and a Foundation for Implementation" (Senior 2 Social Studies: Geographic Issues of the 21st Century. Please review this PowerPoint for more information on Clusters, Critical Thinking and Outcomes (PPT).

The Lesson file includes theIntroduction to Manitoba's Oil Industry PowerPoint (PPT) which explains the basics of the industry along with information needed for the students to better understand the lesson. We recommend you start your lesson with this PowerPoint.

The file includes all of the following needed for the lesson.


Note: When saving this lesson to students computers be sure not to save the Oil_Field_Lesson_1_Teachers_Answers or the Oil_Field_Lesson_1_TeachersNotes as they are the answer sheets.

Please contact me if you need assistance with this lesson, if you have any questions, or with any feedback.

Thank you and I hope you and your students enjoy working through this lesson.

Christine Steele
GIS Technician
Petroleum Branch,
Manitoba Mineral Resources
Tel: 204-748-4264

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