About the Petroleum Branch

The Regulatory Services Branch of Agriculture and Resource Development administers provisions under The Oil & Gas Act and The Oil & Gas Production Tax Act relating to exploration, development, production and transportation of oil and gas.

The Branch develops, recommends, implements and administers policies and legislation, to provide for the sustainable development of Manitoba's oil and gas resources. The Branch deals with matters relating to well spacing, production allowables, pool designations, salt water disposal, enhanced recovery projects and unitization. The Branch publishes several reports each year, providing the public, industry and government with information on the petroleum industry in Manitoba.

The Branch is comprised of Two Sections - Administration & Geology and Engineering & Inspection. (See the Contact List)   

One of the major functions of the Regulatory Services Branch is to ensure exploration and development of the Province's crude oil and natural gas resources  is done in an orderly, safe and efficient manner while being compliant with The Oil and Gas Act and the Drilling and Production Regulation.  The Regulatory Services Branch has created this website to provide information and services available to both the industry and the public.   

The Regulatory Services Branch is committed to providing quality service to all its clients. If you have any comments or suggestions relating to the content of information received from the Branch or to service received from Branch staff, please contact:

Peter Mraz
Acting Director of Regulatory Services Branch
Resource Development Division
Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development
360-1395 Ellice Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3G 3P2

Tel: 204-945-6576
Fax: 204-945-0586
Email:  peter.mraz@gov.mb.ca

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