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Manitoba Labour Board's List of Conciliators and Grievance Mediators

The following is a list of persons who have, in the opinion of the Board, qualities and experience that make them suitable to act as conciliators and grievance mediators effective May 1, 2024, pursuant to Sections 68.1 and 129.1 of The Labour Relations Act.

  • Randy Dallinger
  • Christiane Devlin
  • Gord Fischer
  • Gerry Gattinger
  • Tom Gollan
  • Dennis Harrison
  • Ed Hawrysh
  • Eric Jorgensen
  • Jane Mackay
  • Sandi Mowat
  • Sandra Oakley
  • Rik Panciera
  • Grant Rodgers
  • Roland Stankevicius
  • Darcy Strutinsky
  • Peter Wightman

This list is in alphabetical order and should not be interpreted as the sequence by which conciliators or grievance mediators are appointed by the Manitoba Labour Board.

The Board shall appoint a conciliator in accordance with Section 67(1) of The Labour Relations Act.

The Board shall appoint a grievance mediator in accordance with Sections 129(1) or 130(5) of The Labour Relations Act.

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