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As an employer, you’re responsible for ensuring the safety and health of workers and others at your workplace. The Workplace Safety and Health Branch (WSH) conducts inspections and investigations to help keep everyone safe, and ensure compliance with the law.

These compiled FAQs explain:

The role, functions and authority of Safety and Health Officers (SHOs)

The actions SHOs can take to ensure the safety and health of workers

Your rights and responsibilities during WSH inspections

Download the WSH Inspection Brochure in full (415 KB PDF)

FAQ Topics:


The Workplace Safety and Health Act outlines:

  1. the legal responsibilities of everyone in the workplace
  2. duties and functions of WSH
  3. rules regarding penalties, convictions, appeals and exemptions
  4. what SHOs are allowed to do in the administration of the law enforcement of the act

See Workplace Safety and Health Legislation

Contact the Workplace Safety & Health Branch

Phone: 204-957-SAFE  (7233)
Toll-free: 1-855-957-SAFE (7233)

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