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Government of Manitoba
Municipal Relations

Property Assessment

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X-48-29W X-48-28W X-48-27W X-48-26W X-48-25W X-48-24W X-48-23W X-48-22W X-47-29W X-47-28W X-47-27W X-47-26W X-47-25W X-47-24W X-47-23W X-47-22W X-46-29W X-46-28W X-46-27W X-46-26W X-46-25W X-46-24W X-46-23W X-46-22W X-45-29W X-45-28W X-45-27W X-45-26W X-45-25W X-45-24W X-45-23W X-45-22W X-44-29W X-44-28W X-44-27W X-44-26W X-44-25W X-44-24W X-44-23W X-44-22W X-43-29W X-43-28W X-43-27W X-43-26W X-43-25W X-43-24W X-43-23W X-43-22W X-42-29W X-42-28W X-42-27W X-42-26W X-42-25W X-42-24W X-42-23W X-42-22W X-41-29W X-41-28W X-41-27W X-41-26W X-41-25W X-41-24W X-41-23W X-41-22W

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