Motor Transport Board


The Motor Transport Board ensures all Manitobans are provided with adequate transportation services at a reasonable cost through the administration of a regulatory system under the Highway Traffic Act governing motor carriers operating public service vehicles.


The Board issues operating authorities for intra/extra-provincial bus, inter-municipal liveries and short line railway industries involved in public service operations. The Board monitors and establishes fixed and maximum rates for PSV scheduled bus carriers and inter-municipal livery operators. The Board determines sanctions on motor carriers operating PSV vehicles for breaches of regulations. Conducts public hearings on current issues; makes orders and regulations, and provides policy input to the Minister

Board Members

  • Alfred Rivers - Chair
  • Rolly Lavallee – Vice Chair
  • Danette Vancauwenberghe
  • Dashi Zargani
  • Bev Romanik
  • Pedro Correia
  • Doug Martindale

All enquiries and correspondence related to the Board should be directed to:

The Motor Transport Board

200 - 301 Weston Street
Winnipeg MB R3E 3H4
Phone: 204-945-8912
Fax: 204-783-6529