Highway Traffic Board


The Highway Traffic Board was put in place to ensure the safety of the traveling public and protection of highway infrastructure through the administration of the Highways Protection Act and portions of the Highway Traffic Act.

The Highway Traffic Board will be dissolved when The Traffic and Transportation Modernization Act (TTMA) takes effect on March 1, 2019. Visit Modernizing Traffic and Transportation in Manitoba for more information.

The public can continue to submit requests and applications to the Highway Traffic Board until January 9, 2019.

From January 10 to February 28, 2019, applications for permits for access onto limited access highways and development/structures adjacent to highways can be submitted to:
Manitoba Infrastructure
Highway Planning and Design Branch
1420 - 215 Garry Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3P3
Telephone: (204) 945-3457
Fax: (204) 945-0593
Email:  accessmgmt@gov.mb.ca

Please note:  A decision on a permit application submitted during this period will not be issued until after March 1, 2019, when The Traffic and Transportation Modernization Act comes into force.  

As of March 1, 2019, a new online permit application process will be available through Manitoba Infrastructure.


The Board establishes and removes control lines adjacent to limited access highways and designates limited access highways. The Highway Traffic Board issues permits for access onto limited access highways and development/structures adjacent to these highways. It also establishes speed limits throughout the Province including the City of Winnipeg. The Board approves traffic control devices and their design, municipal weight by-laws, bridge closures and restrictions, highway classification and by-laws for parking in alley ways. The Board conducts public hearings on all the above as well as on current issues; makes orders and regulations, and provides policy input to the Minister.

For Highway Traffic information, visit the following links:

The Highways Protection Act
The Highway Traffic Act
Advertising Sign Policy

Board Members

  • Alfred Rivers - Chair
  • Rolly Lavallee – Vice Chair
  • Danette Vancauwenberghe
  • Dashi Zargani
  • Bev Romanik
  • Pedro Correia
  • Doug Martindale

All enquiries and correspondence related to the board should be directed to:

The Highway Traffic Board

200 - 301 Weston Street
Winnipeg MB R3E 3H4
Phone: (204) 945-8912
Fax: (204) 783-6529