Contract Services

Contract Services provides expert service and advice to develop standards/policies that form the framework for regional staff and other branches to work under, with respect to contract administration and the procurement of materials and services for construction, preservation, and maintenance projects throughout the province.

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Revised Advertising Schedule for the 2019 Construction Season - April 2019 (PDF, 102 KB)

Tender Information and Advertisements

Bid Results

Urban Highway Fund and Commercial Infrastructure Fund

Government Wide Contract Policies

The Department's Contracts Section is responsible for publishing "Standard Construction Specifications". 

"Standard Construction Specifications" is divided into 4 main areas of interest as follows:

  1. General Items
    pertaining to all construction work, such as definitions, bidding requirements, legal responsibilities, claims and payments, traffic control issues
  2. Grading and Surfacing Work
  3. Bridge Work
  4. Miscellaneous
  5. Bond Forms

"Work Zone Traffic Control Manual" is intended to provide minimum standards for the protection of road users and workers during temporary works relating to highway maintenance and construction, including utility and other operations. This manual provides a single source for traffic control standards for use on Manitoba's highways.

Please note: the stand-alone document entitled "Work Zone Traffic Control Manual" is an integral part of the Department's construction specifications book and forms part of the Specifications for Traffic Control. These specifications are intended to cover general construction procedures widely used for work in highway and bridge construction. Any deviations from these contents will be incorporated in the "Special Provisions" of the tender documents.

Standard Documents for Goods Purchases

Bidding Procedures for Goods Purchases (PDF, 76 KB)

General Terms and Conditions for Goods Purchases (PDF, 68 KB)

Engineering and Consulting Service Providers

Engineering and Consulting Service Provider Agreements