Corporate Services Division

The Corporate Services Division consists of the following business areas; Corporate Information, Financial Services, Information Technology Services and Occupational Safety, Health & Risk Management.

This division provides administrative oversight for the Medical Review Committee, the License Suspension Appeal Board, and financial management of the Disaster Assistance Appeal Board.


Corporate Strategy and Information
Corporate Strategy and Information provides internal client services in coordinating annual departmental strategy and planning activities, and performance measurement activities.  It manages the development and coordination of the department’s major information documents and records providing internal and external communication services.  Leads the development of administrative policies and procedures as required, and provide specialized administrative services such as management of the Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act. 

Financial Services
Financial Services manages the departmental financial administrative processes and oversight function through management, comptrollership, accounting services, asset accounting, financial planning and review as well as managing the provincial accommodation cost recovery system. Compilation of the estimates and cash flows, budget analysis and a corporate review/challenge role.  The branch maintains key activities essential to fulfilling requirements under the Financial Administration Act, The Appropriations Act(s), Treasury Board directives and central government and departmental policies.

Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services provides information management, project management support, and consultative services to all branches and business units in the department. The Branch supports business units from the conception of a business improvement opportunity or from the identification of a new or changed business requirement through implementation of an appropriate solution. The branch is responsible for the department’s Internet-intranet presence and conducts business process analysis with recommendations of change or improvement as appropriate.

Occupational Safety, Health and Risk Management
The Occupational Safety, Health and Risk Management manages risks to the safety, health and well being of employees, visitors and the public arising out of the work activities performed by or on behalf of the Department. Provides research, develop and maintain Safety Health and Risk Management programs, policies and procedures.  Providing consultative and support services in organizational health and wellness, and accident and injury claims management.  Facilitate the continued implementation of the Certificate of Recognition (COR) Safety Program Audits.  Develops and implements musculoskeletal programs and facilitates the development of the department’s business continuity plan.

All enquiries and correspondence related to Corporate Services Division should be directed to:

Corporate Services Division
1710 – 215 Garry Street
Winnipeg MB R3C 3Z1