Highway Planning and Design


The Branch's objectives are to plan and protect the existing highway system, and to provide for its future needs by comprehensive and integrated consideration of the traffic demand, engineering factors, socio-economic factors and environmental issues.


To meet its goals, the Branch is divided into a number of distinct areas of expertise. Within these areas, services include: undertaking complex highway design projects, providing technical advice and guidance, establishing engineering standards and policies, performing environmental and technical reviews of highway designs, administering highway access controls and providing drafting services.

Administration Section

Provides executive and administrative management to the Branch. The Section meets the needs of its staff by providing them with the resources needed to do their work and direction in the areas human resources and financial management.

Engineering Section

Design Practices Section

Provides geometric design guidance and reviews designs prepared in the regional offices for adequacy and compliance with department design standards. In addition, the Section is responsible for developing geometric design standards, practices and guidelines along with investigating new computer application initiatives in the area of highway design for the department.

Functional Design Section

Responsible for the undertaking of design studies involving the more complex and/or specialized highway projects such as multi-lane rural and urban highways, channelized at-grade intersections, and traffic interchanges. The Section also provides technical advice and guidance on geometric design issues and reviews traffic impact studies

Environmental Services Section

Manages the approval process for department projects that require licenses under the Environment Act, Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, Navigable Waters Protection Act and the Fisheries Act. The Section manages environmental initiatives and conducts environmental impact assessments and/or environmental screenings of all projects undertaken by the Department. The Section manages the contaminated sites remediation program for departmentally owned property.

Geographic Section

  • Provides support, guidance and standards to the Regions and Head Office in CAD (computer aided drafting) and GIS (geographic information system). The Section maintains the Department's plan depository for highway engineering drawings and legal plans.
  • Provides GIS information and reporting on the departments HIS (Highway Inventory System), annual distance summaries and road network datasets which include construction history, road structure, revised distances and control section data.
  • Publishes the official Highway Map and provides a wide range of mapping, cartographic and graphic services.
  • Manages the Department's Quality Management System (QMS) for project construction drawings.
  • Maintains the Department's GIS data warehouse including a wide variety of base map layers, topographic maps, orthophotos and satellite imagery.

Roadside Development Section

Access Management and Utilities Section

Administers access and development controls established to protect the highway system through The Highway Protection Act and The Highway and Transportation Act. The Section reviews access and development applications adjacent to all provincial highways and, represents the department at Highway Traffic Board/Public Utilities Board hearings.

Land Use and Development Section

Reviews land development proposals adjacent to the provincial highway system and provide recommendations related to their compatibility with current and future highway system requirements. The Section provides basic geometric design criteria and recommended bridge widths for highway design projects to ensure consistent implementation of highway design standards across the province.

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Manitoba Infrastructure
Highway Planning and Design Branch
1420 - 215 Garry Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3P3

Telephone: (204) 945-3660
Fax: (204) 945-0593

Email: HwyPlanDes@gov.mb.ca

To find an individual staff member in Highway Planning and Design, please visit the Manitoba Government Phone Book website.


  • Guidelines
  • Highway Locations (PDF, 44 KB)
  • Maps
    • Functional Design Study Locations (PDF, 1.4 MB)
    • Highway Protection Act