Frequently Asked Questions

What is a non-RTAC vehicle?

Non-RTAC refers to all commercial vehicles that do not conform to the national standard designated as RTAC (Road Transportation Association of Canada). The recently revised Vehicle Weights and Dimension Guide (PDF, 2.2 MB) provides examples of both RTAC and non-RTAC vehicles.

If you are uncertain whether the vehicles you operate conform to RTAC standards, you may contact a Motor Carrier Division (MCD) representative at 204-945-8909 or by e-mail at for further clarification.

When will the non-RTAC designation be removed from the Vehicle Weights and Dimensions on Classes of Highways Regulation (MR 575/88)?

Manitoba is still determining if it is in government’s best interest to remove the non-RTAC vehicle standard from MR 575/88. If the decision is made to remove the non-RTAC standard, this website will keep stakeholders informed of the process and the timelines.

Why is Manitoba considering removing the non-RTAC designation from the Vehicle Weights and Dimensions on Classes of Highways Regulation (MR 575/88)?

All other Canadian jurisdictions, with the exception of Ontario, have one commercial vehicle standard (RTAC) referenced in their respective legislation. Transitioning non-RTAC vehicles from regulation to a policy-based regime would bring Manitoba in line with its national counterparts, streamlining the permitting process and facilitating a more efficient automated permitting system. Manitoba would retain the flexibility to adapt permit policy to meet the demands for evolving vehicle configurations.

The proposed amendments are based on the following assumptions:

  • Non-RTAC vehicles will continue to operate on Manitoba highways under permit or special provisions set out in legislation.
  • Provisions for non-conforming, industry specific vehicles, such as end-dump bulk trailers, may continue to be accommodated within MR 575/88, provided they do not exceed the permissible weights and dimensions set out in regulation. The requirement for overweight and over-dimension permits would continue to apply to any vehicle type.