Special Risk Extension Insurance for Over Length Trailers

Trailer owners should contact their insurance brokers to apply for Manitoba Public Insurance Special Risk Extension (SRE) coverage for their over length trailer after they have obtained an over length permit. SRE will ask for confirmation that a valid oversize vehicle permit has been purchased from Manitoba Infrastructure.


Permits issued by Manitoba Infrastructure are only valid in Manitoba. If an owner is travelling outside Manitoba, they will need to check with other jurisdictions regarding oversize permit requirements. Their Special Risk Extension (SRE) coverage outside Manitoba will depend on having valid oversize permit in the jurisdiction of travel.

Trailers owners must also ensure that they hold the proper class of licence for the combination of vehicles they are operating. Manitoba requires that drivers who operate trailers with a registered gross vehicle weight (RGVW) greater than 4,540 kgs require a Class 3 licence (or higher), and they must meet the medical standards for that class of licence.