Designated Reservoir Areas

Designated Reservoir Areas are formally designated reservoirs under the Water Resources Administration Act. This Act gives Manitoba Infrastructure (MI) jurisdiction over Designated Reservoir Areas.

Not all reservoirs in Manitoba are Designated Reservoir Areas. Many such water features across Manitoba are under the explicit jurisdiction of local governments or Conservation Districts.

Section 16(4) of the Water Resources Administration Act provides the mechanism for the Minister of Manitoba Infrastructure to permit structures and change in land use within Designated Reservoir Areas. This Section states:

16(4) The minister may issue a permit
(a) for the building, erection, construction or bringing a building, structure or erection on or within a designated reservoir area; or
(b) for the alteration or change of the use to which land within a designated reservoir area is put; or
(c) for both the purposes mentioned in clause (a) and the purposes mentioned in clause (b);
and he may make the permit subject to such terms and conditions, not inconsistent with the regulations, as he may deem advisable.

To obtain a permit to undertake work in a Designated Reservoir Area, a formal Designated Reservoir Area Permit Application must be completed and signed by both the applicant and the local Municipality or Planning District, whichever has Planning Authority. The signatories on the Permit Application acknowledge the following:

  • The water levels in the reservoir are subject to wide variation from time to time.
  • Manitoba Infrastructure cannot guarantee the level of the water or ice at any given time in a reservoir.
  • Most reservoirs are primarily operated for downstream water supply.
  • They will make no claim against the Government of Manitoba for any damages or inconvenience caused to the property by the fluctuation of the water
  • They waive all rights, claims, and actions against the Government of Manitoba.

You may download a Designated Reservoir Area Permit Application at the following:

Designated Reservoir Area Permit Application (PDF, 16 KB)

For further information regarding Designated Reservoir Areas, or to find out if a certain reservoir is a Designated Reservoir Area, please contact:
Development Review
Phone: 204-945-2121

Completed Designated Reservoir Area Permit Applications should be returned to:
Mail: Development Review
Manitoba Infrastructure
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