Provincial Planning Regulation

Regulation Review, Rewrite and Consultation Process
  1. Interdepartmental Review
    The initial review of the previous Provincial Land Use Polices regulation (184/94) began during the Planning Law Review, initiated by the Department of Municipal Relations in 2002. The Planning Law Review was undertaken to modernize and streamline the provincial planning framework, which includes The Planning Act and associated regulations. The result of the Review was a new Planning Act and Subdivision Regulation, which came into effect in 2006.
    The former Provincial Land Use Policies regulation was reviewed as part of this process to:
    • Address gaps and weaknesses in the regulation and provide greater clarity.
    • Address emerging issues and legislative changes.
    • Better link land use, infrastructure, transportation and watershed planning.
    • Reinforce that development plans integrate the four pillars of sustainability (economy, environment, social and cultural) with land use planning, policy development and implementation.

  3. Drafting & Consultation
    Beginning in 2007, an interdepartmental review committee, led by Municipal Relations, undertook the redrafting of the provincial land use policies to create a new regulation that would replace regulation 184/94. Each department on the committee prepared draft land use policies related to their specific areas of expertise. The draft policies were merged into a single, comprehensive draft document used for consultation purposes.
    Consultation took place throughout April and May 2009 in a variety of formats, including: workshops with local planning authorities and the public in eight Manitoba regions, several individual key stakeholder meetings, and through posting information on a PLUPs website and requesting feedback through mail and email. For details on the consultation and feedback results, see the following documents:
    The livestock operations section of the Provincial Planning Regulation was drafted jointly by Municipal Relations and Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives. Consultation with producers occurred separately from that of the draft Provincial Land Use Policies and Development Plan sections.
  5. Final Regulation
    The final Provincial Planning Regulation came into effect June 20, 2011. It contains three distinct parts: provincial land use policies, development plan requirements and livestock operation requirements.
    The new regulation is different in several ways from the former PLUPs regulation. Key differences include:
    • More direction for urban centres, including Winnipeg
    • Specific direction for the preparation of development plans (this was originally contained in The Planning Act)
    • Specific direction that promotes development to existing settlement areas rather than general development
    For more details on how the new regulation differs from the former PLUPs, see the comparison document or visit the FAQ section of the web site.