Main Estimates Supplements are departmental business plans that align to broader government strategic priorities identified in Balanced Scorecards.

Beginning in the 2021/2022 fiscal year, each department will publish a Main Estimates Supplement (Supplement) detailing their business plan. This business plan includes the department’s customized balanced scorecard and summary budget information, outlining their operational plans and activities for the year.

Previously referred to as Supplementary Information for Legislative Review (SILR), these documents became a legislative requirement under the Financial Administration Act (FAA) in 1997. Section 31 of the FAA directs Ministers to table a supplement to the Main Estimates of Expenditure in the Legislature, but does not specify content requirements.

Supplements are to be tabled, distributed and available online no later than six business days after the tabling of the provincial budget.

This report and specific sections are available for download as PDF Adobe Icon files.

Manitoba Municipal Relations Supplement to the Estimates of Expenditure 2024-2025 

Main Estimates Supplements 

Specific Sections:

Minister’s Message and Executive Summary
Department Responsibilities
Statutory Responsibilties
Expenditure Summary

Previous Reports:

Main Estimates Supplements - 2023/24

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