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The Workplace Initiative to Support Employees (WISE) is a training program and tool kit that were developed by Manitoba government to help employers to recognize and respond to the signs of family violence in the workplace.

The WISE training session is generally three to four hours in length and can be customized to accommodate the needs of your organization. The training participants learn how to:

  • Understand the dynamics of family violence and its impacts on the individual and the workplace.
  • Recognize signs that may indicate involvement in family violence.
  • Identify appropriate workplace responses when family violence is suspected or identified.

For more information or to book a WISE training session, please contact:

Family Violence Prevention Program
Phone: 204-945-1709

All training participants receive the WISE on Family Violence toolkit that provides information about:

  • family violence and its impact on the workplace;
  • practical strategies to support employees who may be affected by family violence;
  • ways to increase the visibility and availability of family violence prevention information in the workplace; and
  • methods on how to incorporate family violence prevention support into regular workplace policies and practices.


The Workplace Initiative to Support Employees on Family Violence project is sponsored by the Manitoba government, through Manitoba Family Services, Manitoba Justice and Manitoba Labour and Immigration. The employer toolkit was developed with the guidance of the New Brunswick Family Violence and the Workplace Committee and with the assistance of the WISE on Family Violence Advisory Committee whose members include representatives from: the Manitoba Civil Service Commission; Manitoba Health and Healthy Living; Winnipeg Police Service; Klinic Community Health Centre/Evolve; Portage Family Abuse Prevention Centre; Pluri-elles Manitoba; Manitoba Lotteries Corporation; Manitoba Hydro; Manitoba Chambers of Commerce; and, Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council Inc.