A Guide to Transportation Safety

A Guide to Transportation Safety provides motor carriers and other operators of regulated vehicles with an overview of the regulatory requirements in Manitoba.

Knowing the regulations helps to keep our roads safe.

The guide consists of nine sections and several appendices, including:

Download the complete A Guide to Transportation Safety (PDF, 6.7 MB)

A paper copy of the guide can also be obtained from Motor Carrier Division headquarters (Unit C, 1695 Sargent Avenue, Winnipeg) or at most Manitoba weigh stations.

A Guide to Transportation Safety replaces the Commercial Operators Regulatory Education (CORE) Program.

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Note: A Guide to Transportation Safety is not a substitute for the legislation and regulations that prescribe the duties of motor carriers and operators of regulated vehicles. To access relevant legislation and regulations, contact Manitoba’s Statutory Publications or view legislation and regulations on the Government of Manitoba and Government of Canada websites.