Family Fall and Winter Activities

Winter activities are a lot of fun, just ask any kid.  Whether it’s tobogganing, skating or snowboarding, you need to know how to stay warm and be safe.

Fall Activities

Halloween Safety

It's important to keep your child's safety in mind when planning costumes, decorations, treats and activities.

Winter Activities


Children of all ages love the high-speed action of hockey. Get some tips on how to play safe.


Get snowmobile safety tips.

Snowmobile Operator’s Training Program
Learn how to be safe while snowmobiling. 

Provincial Park Trails
Snowmobile trail conditions in Manitoba provincial parks.

Snowmobile trail conditions throughout Manitoba.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Cross country and downhill skiing and snowboarding use different types of equipment and techniques.  Whichever discipline you choose, be sure to ski safely and responsibly. 

Skiing Safety Tips

Trail conditions: