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Sustainable Development

Public Registry - Town of Neepawa – Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facility

Latest information was posted March 28, 2017

NoA approval letter - posted March 28, 2017

NoA request - posted March 28, 2017



Request for Alteration

Request for Alteration (pdf 2,943KB)
Figures 1.1 - 2.17 (pdf 2,108KB)
Figures 3.1 - 4.5 (pdf 2,684KB
Glossary (pdf 431KB)
References (pdf 401KB)
Appendix A (pdf 1,408KB)
Appendix B (pdf 1,421KB)
Appendix C (pdf 4,071KB)
Appendix D (pdf 2,930KB)
Appendix E (pdf 3,405KB)
Appendix F (pdf 453KB)
Appendix G (pdf 1,326KB)
Appendix H (pdf 453KB)
Appendix I (pdf 2,592KB)
Appendix J (pdf 1,577KB)
Appendix K (pdf 2,507KB)
Appendix L (pdf 832KB)
Appendix M (pdf 3,636KB)
Additional Information (pdf 904KB)

Environmental Assessment and Licensing Contact: Clem Moche