Manitoba's Conservation Districts

The Watershed Planning & Programs Section administers and manages the Conservation Districts Program as defined by The Conservation Districts Act, and coordinates and supports Integrated Watershed Management Planning as outlined in The Water Protection Act

Conservation districts are formed as a partnership between the province and local municipalities to protect, restore and manage land and water resources on a watershed basis.  Conservation Districts are established under the authority of The Conservation Districts Act. Currently, there are 18 conservation districts in Manitoba, together they cover the majority of municipal Manitoba. Each district is charged with developing and implementing programming to improve watershed health, while four districts also have an added responsibility to maintain waterway infrastructure within their boundary.

Conservation districts can also be designated as a water planning authorities for watershed management planning in Manitoba. They provide leadership in both the development and implementation of watershed plans.  A watershed plan assists a district in planning long-term and short-term goals and identifying priority project to improve watershed health. Currently, there are twenty seven integrated watershed management plans in various stages of completion.

Swan Lake Turtle Mountain Kelsey East Interlake West Interlake Alonsa Conservation District Intermountain Lake of the Prairies Turtle River Upper Assiniboine River Little Saskatchewan Whitemud Watershed Cooks Creek La Salle Redboine Mid Assiniboine River West Souris River Pembina Valley Turtle Mountain Seine-Rat River

Conservation Districts Reports

Manitoba Conservation Districts
Report 2016-17 Program Annual

Manitoba Conservation Districts
Report 2015-16 Program Annual

Manitoba Conservation Districts
Report 2014-15 Program Annual

Manitoba Conservation Districts
Program 2013-14 Annual Report

Manitoba's Conservation Districts

Box 33, Railway Avenue North
Alonsa, MB  R0H 0A0
204.767.2101 (P)
204.767.2044 (F)

Assiniboine Hills
Box 160, 205 Elizabeth Avenue East
Baldur, MB  R0K 0B0
204.535.2139 (P)
204.535.2215 (F)

Cooks Creek
Box 11, Group 561, R.R. #5, 66-156 Pineridge Road  Winnipeg, MB  R2C 2Z2
204.777.2223 (P)
204.777.0570 (F)

East Interlake
Box 1740, 74 First Avenue 
Gimli, MB  R0C 1B0
204.642.7578 (P)
204.642.7581 (F)

Box 328  Ethelbert, MB  R0L 0T0
204.742.3764 (P)
2043.742.3721 (F)

346 Grace Lake Rd., Box 3658
The Pas, MB, R9A 1L6
204.623.3353 (P)
204.623.4474 (F)

LaSalle Redboine
Box 220, 109 Broadway Street  Holland, MB  R0G 0X0
204.526.2578 (P)
204.526.2298 (F)

Lake of the Prairies
Box 31, Building 211, P.R. #366  Inglis, MB  R0J 0X0
204.564.2300 (P)
204.564.2637 (F)

Little Saskatchewan
Box 209, 55 North Railway Street  Oak River, MB  R0K 1T0
204.566.2270 (P)
204.566.2299 (F)

Pembina Valley
Box 659, 261 Main Street 
Manitou, MB  R0G 1G0
204.242.3267 (P)
204.242.3281 (F)

Seine-Rat River
154 Friesen Ave
Steinbach, MB R5G 0T5
204.326.1030 (P)
204.424.5909 (F)

Swan Lake Watershed
Box 1858, 559-4th Avenue North
Swan River, MB  R0L 1Z0
204.734.9550 (P)
204.734.9455 (F)

Turtle Mountain
102 Broadway Street South, Box 508
Deloraine, MB  R0M 0M0
204.747.2530 (P)
204747.2956 (F)

Turtle River Watershed
Box 449, 630 Central Avenue
Ste Rose du Lac, MB
R0L 1S0
204.447.2139 (P)
204.447.4070 (F)

Upper Assiniboine River
Box 223, 111 Sarah Avenue
Miniota, MB  R0M 1M0
204.567.3554 (P)
204.567.3587 (F)

West Interlake Watershed
Box 732, 9 Main Street
Lundar, MB R0C 1Y0
204.762.5850 (P)
204.762.5862 (F)

West Souris River
Box 339, 4th Street & 4th Avenue
Reston, MB  R0M 1X0
204.877.3020 (P)
204.877.3090 (F)

Whitemud Watershed
Box 130, 41 Main Street East
Neepawa, MB  R0J 1H0
204.476.5019 (P)
204.476.7094 (F)

For more information about the Conservation Districts Program, please contact
Watershed Planning and Programs Section
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