Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District

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Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District (LSRCD) was established in 1999 and covers an area of approximately 4,200 km. The district is located in southwestern Manitoba and encompasses the majority of the Little Saskatchewan River and a portion of the Arrow-Oak River Watersheds. The conservation district occupies all or parts of the municipalities of Riverdale, Oakview, Harrison - Park, Yellowhead, Minto-Odanah, Rosedale and Clanwilliam, it also includes the Town of Minnedosa.

Programs offered by LSRCD address priorities identified in the Little Saskatchewan River and Arrow-Oak RiverIntegrated Watershed Management Plans. These priorities include surface water quality, drinking water quality, surface water management, groundwater quality and quantity, and natural area preservation. To meet these priorities LSRCD offers the following programs: grassed waterways, abandoned well sealing, forage seed assistance, riparian stewardship, tree planting, and small dam construction. An emphasis is placed on educational initiatives for all residents of the district through information days, tours, educational resources, and school activities.

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