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Intermountain Conservation District (IMCD) was formed in 1997 and covers an area of approximately 7,200km2. The district is bordered by Riding Mountain National Park to the south, Duck Mountain Provincial Park to the west, and Lake Dauphin and Lake Winnipegosis to the east. The district occupies the municipalities of Dauphin, Gilbert Plains, Grandview, Ethelbert, Mossey River, Mountain South, and the City of Dauphin.

The conservation district delivers sustainable resource management programs, with a focus on soil and water conservation. Programs offered by IMCD include streambank stabilization, abandoned well capping, grassed runways, forage seed assistance, livestock watering systems, tree planting projects, water retention and riparian zone management. The district has developed an interpretive educational trail at its office and hosts an annual water festival to educate local students on water and watershed issues. The district has completed the East Duck Mountain-Sagemace and Dauphin Lake Integrated Watershed Management Plan.

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