Inter-Mountain Watershed District

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On January 1, 2020, the Intermountain CD and Turtle River Watershed CD merged to form the Inter-Mountain Watershed District. The watershed district includes the following fourteen municipal partners:

 City of Dauphin  Municipality of Ste. Rose
 Gilbert Plains Municipality  Rural Municipality of Alonsa
 Grandview Municipality  Rural Municipality of Dauphin
 Mossey River Municipality  Rural Municipality of Lakeshore
 Municipality of Ethelbert  Rural Municipality of Mountain
 Municipality of Roblin  Rural Municipality of Riding Mountain West
 Municipality of McCreary  Rural Municipality of Rosedale

The district has ten sub-district committees and 62 sub-district members.

The vision statement for the Inter-Mountain Watershed District is “To provide for the conservation, control, and prudent use of all natural assets within the watershed boundaries, while educating and promoting sustainable management of the landscape and assets.”

The programs in the Pine/Duck/Sclater, Garland/Point, Fishing/Fork/Mossey, Upper Valley River, Lower Valley River/Mink Creek, Wilson River, and Vermillion River subdistricts include cover cropping / poly cropping, field crossings, forage seed, livestock watering, riparian fencing, service / equipment rental, streambank stabilization, waterway management, water retention, abandoned well sealing and community trees.

The programs in the Turtle River and Ochre River subdistricts include buffer strips, grassed waterway, multi-resource land acquisition, pasture pipeline plow, riparian fencing, wildlife conservation incentive, abandoned well sealing and community trees.

The portion of the district representing the former Turtle River Watershed Conservation District continues to maintain designated waterway infrastructure.

The district has completed integrated watershed management plans for  East Duck Mountain-Sagemace and Dauphin Lake.

The Inter-Mountain Watershed District operates from two offices located in Ethelbert and Ste. Rose du Lac.

Box 328 Ethelbert, Manitoba, R0L 0T0
204.742.3764 (P)
2043.742.3721 (F)

Box 449, 630 Central Avenue
Ste Rose du Lac, Manitoba, R0L 1S0
204-447-2139 (P) 

Inter-Mountain Watershed District Map