Kelsey Watershed District

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Kelsey Conservation District was established in 1999 and is now operating as the Kelsey Watershed District. Covering an area of approximately 900km, it has one municipal partner: the Rural Municipality of Kelsey. Both the Carrot and Saskatchewan Rivers, along with their tributaries are found in the district.

Priorities for the district include soil and water conservation programming, and environmental education initiatives. The district utilizes local decision-making as a means to maintain a healthy rural landscape. Projects offered by the district include off-site watering, exclusion fencing, forage assistance, abandoned well capping, well remediation, tree planting and wildlife habitat enhancement.  Priorities in the Carrot-Saskatchewan River integrated watershed management plan are addressed by the district's programming.

346 Grace Lake Rd., Box 3658
The Pas, Manitoba, R9A 1L6
204.623.3353 (P)
204.623.4474 (F)

Kelsey Watershed District Map