Now that my child is between two and five years of age, do I have to go to work?

No. But if you haven’t done so already, now is a good time to learn more about options to plan your future and to help you start thinking about becoming employed before your child turns six. Attend an Empowered to Change session or contact your EIA counselor to help you get started.

What happens if I change my mind and decide I don’t want to go through this process?

If at any time you don’t want to proceed further along your pathway, that’s okay! We want to make sure you are ready to make the transition. If you decide you’re not ready, it’s important to talk to your EIA counsellor about other available supports.

When I get a job, does my EIA end right away?

No. The Work Incentive allows you to keep some money from working and still receive benefits. As your pay increases, your benefits decrease. But you will always have more money working.

Will I lose all my EIA supports like health benefits if I get a job?

No. You can receive some benefits (ex: health benefits) for up to two years. You can also receive Rent Assist.

What happens if I already received some training previously?

We will always work with you wherever you are at in your pathway. Whether you are starting from scratch, have already taken some training, changed your employment goals or would like to try again if you were not ready before – we’re here to assist you at any point in your training and employment pathway. Depending on your skills, your needs and what you want to do, we will help you to access the supports you need to create a plan that’s right for you.

Will EIA continue to support me if I want to go to university and I have the capacity to succeed there?  Will the cost of tuition and books be paid?

EIA does not pay for university education, but your EIA counsellor can help you with financial planning and navigating Manitoba Student Aid. In many cases, funding is available to help people receiving EIA who decide to go back to school. Assistance may also be available through other sources, such as band funding.