Workforce Development

Jobs and Careers

Training and Employment Services operates 13 MJSD Centres that offer a wide range of services including:

  • employment needs assessment
  • employment/career counselling
  • referrals to community agencies
  • information on:
    • job openings
    • Manitoba's labour market
    • training options/opportunities
    • career options
    • community organizations
    • educational institutions
  • job search assistance:
    • cover letters
    • hidden job market tips
    • faxing of resumes and cover letters
  • access to computers for:
    • resume writing
    • Internet job search
    • online application for student loans
  • access to additional employment services

Training and Employment Services is located in Manitoba Jobs and Skills Development Centres across the province.

Employment Services

Employment services are available on-site and through partnerships with community and employer groups. These services may be available to those who meet eligibility criteria.

Additional employment services include:

  • skills/training upgrading assistance
  • job placement
  • pre-employment preparation
  • work experience/training placements
  • training for self-employment
  • work placement with wage subsidy
  • apprenticeship training assistance
  • financial assistance

Program Eligibility Criteria for Employment Services

We review your request for assistance in relation to your skills, current circumstances, the needs of the labour market and service priorities. You may be eligible if you fit into one of the following employment services programs:

 Skills Development Assistance
Assisting eligible individuals who need training to find employment.

 Self Employment
Assists eligible individuals to start their own business.

 Apprenticeship Assistance
Assisting eligible individuals approved by Apprenticeship Manitoba to attend apprenticeship training.

Contact a Manitoba Jobs and Skills Development Centre nearest you.

Employment Assistance Services - Community Locations

Training and Employment Services contracts with community-based organizations to assist unemployed people to prepare for, find and keep jobs. These services are targeted to individual needs, specific client groups and local communities.

Each program/organization offers all, or a combination of, the following:

  • employment plan development
  • employment counselling
  • assessment services
  • information on the labour market and education/training opportunities
  • resume assistance
  • job search assistance
  • job finding clubs
  • job referral and/or placement

View the services available in your area.

Services in Northern Manitoba:
PDF Northwestern Region
PDF Northern Region

Services in Rural Manitoba:
PDF Eastern Region
PDF Interlake Region
PDF Central Region
PDF Parkland Region
PDF Western Region

Services in Winnipeg:
PDF Winnipeg

Job Search - Online Assistance

Job Bank - A Service Provided by Service Canada

The Job Bank is a free bilingual Internet service for job seekers and employers provided by Service Canada. It allows employers to advertise their job openings to job seekers across Canada. A job seeker can use the Job Search feature to narrow their search by province, area within the province and occupation. You can also limit your search to all jobs in the system, those posted in the last 7 days or those posted in the last 48 hours.

PDF Job Bank for Job Seekers

Job Match
This service allows job seekers to advertise their skills in the Job Bank. You will need to create an account to manage your profiles in the future.
Job Match allows you to create and manage 1 to 3 job profiles that can be advertised to employers using the Job Bank and/or matched against existing job advertisements.
You create your job profile(s) by completing the checklist provided. You may then select “Advertise” which will post your profile for employers to view. You may also select “Match” which will provide you with a list of current matching job advertisements.

Job Alert
The Job Alert feature sends, by e-mail, a list of job openings that match your search criteria. Job seekers automatically receive up to three e-mails, twice daily, listing job openings from the Job Bank and the Public Service Commission (PSC) that match their search criteria. Registered users log on to their account and complete the Job Alert (Job Search) form.

Resume Builder
Create up to 5 resumes using this Resume Builder tool. It is complete with different layouts, resume building tips, and help pages.
You can use this step-by-step online feature to create a professional resume – stored and accessible via the Internet under your account – which are ready for print, or to be saved to a computer and sent electronically to an employer.

Career Navigator
The Career Navigator allows you to explore career options.
You will receive a “text box” of the significant information on an occupation while exploring the career options.

  • You will complete an online career survey which helps define your interests and abilities.
  • Based on the quiz results, you receive a list of suggested occupations that match your profile. It includes information on wage rates, future potential and skills and training required.

Job Search Internet Sites

Employment with the Government of Canada:

Employment with the Provincial Government – Manitoba Civil Service Commission:

Employment with the City of Winnipeg:

Employment Insurance (EI) Questions

This bilingual interactive voice response system, provided by Service Canada, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's simple, using a telephone with Touch-Tone™ service, just dial the toll-free number 1 800 206-7218.

If you have questions you can also refer to Employment Insurance benefits and leave.