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Principles & Policies for Managing Human Resources

Please note: This list is not exhaustive and other policies may apply, depending on the department.


0-1   Purpose
0-2   Principles of Human Resource Management
0-3   Philosophy of Human Resource Management
0-4   Legislative Framework
0-5   Scope & Application
0-6   Authorization


User Information

A-1   Locating policies and related information
A-2   Policy Information format
A-3   Content & Organization
A-4   Revising and Updating
A-5   Distribution
A-6   Copyright & Cataloguing Information

1. Human Resource Management and Development

1.2   Executive Development
1.4   Performance Management
1.5   Learning Policy - English (pdf)
1.5   Learning Policy - French (pdf)


Employment Equity

1.5.0   Employment Equity Policy
1.5.1   Employment Equity Planning
1.5.2   Removing Employment Barriers

2. Staffing

2.0      Staffing Principles
2.0.1   Staffing Delegation

Opportunity Analysis

2.1.0   Staffing Methods
2.1.1   Selection Criteria
2.1.3   Employment Equity in Staffing
2.1.4   French Language Services
2.1.5   Selection Board


2.2.2   Outreach Recruitment Guideline
2.2.3   Barrier-Free Recruitment
2.2.6   Difficult to Recruit Guideline




2.3.1   Screening
2.3.2   Assessing Candidates
2.3.3   Eligibility for Appointment
2.3.4   Reference Check
2.3.5   Security Checks
2.3.6   Hiring A Retired Civil Servant


2.4.1   Rating and Ranking
2.4.2   Employment of Immediate Family Members
2.4.3   Veterans' Preference
2.4.4   Letter of Offer
2.4.5   Regular Employees in Temporary Positions


2.5.1   Orientation
2.5.2   Probation
2.5.3   Oath or Affirmation of Office/Allegiance
2.5.4   Access to Selection Information

3. Labour Relations

Respectful Workplace

3.1.3   Reasonable Accommodation
3.1.4   Respectful Workplace and Harassment
3.1.5   Justice & Dignity




3.2.1   Conflict of Interest
3.2.1   Conflict of Interest - French Version
3.2.2   Social Media Policy
3.2.3   Criminal Charges
             Values and Ethics Guide

4. Compensation and Classification


4.1   Classification of Positions


4.2    Pay Plan Amendments
4.3    Pay Practices
4.6    Educational Leave and/or Assistance
4.11  Reciprocal Agreements



Employee Benefits Information

Civil Service Superannuation Board publications (including pension plan and group life insurance booklets)

4.12.4   Worker's Compensation
4.12.5   Health Plans
4.12.6   Long Term Disability

5. Employee Health

5.1  Employee and Family Assistance Program
5.2  Authorizing Sick Leave



5.3  Releasing Confidential Personal Information
5.4  Medical Assessment of Employees

6. Reference

6.1  The Civil Service Act 
6.2  Conditions of Employment Regulations
6.3  The Manitoba Human Rights Code, Section II
6.5  Government Employees' Master Agreement

    6.5x    Salary Schedules
    6.5.1   Administration Component
    6.5.2   Clerical Component
    6.5.3   Corrections Component
    6.5.4   Health Component
    6.5.5   Legal, Inspection & Regulatory Component
    6.5.6   Physical Sciences Component
    6.5.7   Social Sciences Component
    6.5.8   Trades, Operations and Services Component



6.6   Professional Agreements

6.6.1   Legal Aid Lawyer's Association
6.6.2   Manitoba Association of Crown Attorneys
6.6.3   MAGE
6.6.4   Doctors Manitoba

6.7  Salary Schedules for Exclusions and Executive
6.8   Affirmative Action Policy, 1984
6.9   French Language Services Policy

If you have any questions, please contact us directly at csc@gov.mb.ca

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