The Regulated Health Professions Act

Province Receives Stakeholder Consultation Report on Paramedic Self-Regulation

Stakeholder consultations on the self-regulation of the paramedic profession are complete and the province has received the report from the consultant, Reg Toews.

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Panel Report - The Regulated Health Professions Act Consultation – College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba

The Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) changes the way health professions in Manitoba are regulated by replacing over 20 statutes and bringing all regulated health professions under one umbrella act.  Each profession specific statute will be repealed when the profession is transitioned to the RHPA.

The Act sets out a new way of regulating who does what in the provision of health services based on the concept of controlling specific health procedures. These activities known as “reserved acts” must be performed in the course of providing health care by competent health care professionals.  The health professional must have the appropriate knowledge, competence and skills necessary to perform the act safely.  There are 21 categories of reserved acts.

Profession-specific regulations will set out what specific reserved acts a profession can perform and any limits or conditions on the performance of these acts.  Under the RHPA, reserved acts are not exclusive to any one health profession, and are intended to encourage the practice of inter-professional care.

The College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba has worked with Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living - and in consultation with stakeholders, including its members, Regional Health Authorities, relevant program areas of MHHLS, and other health profession regulators - to develop new regulations to transition to the RHPA which include the proposed reserved acts to be authorized for the profession under the RHPA.

As required under the RHPA, public consultations were undertaken regarding the proposed regulations and the reserved acts proposed to be authorized for the profession of registered nursing under the RHPA, ending December 17, 2015. 

Given the nature of the feedback received during consultations, it was determined that additional work was required before the regulations are enacted in order to ensure their successful implementation.   To review issues raised through the consultation process, a Panel of respected leaders of both the medical and nursing professions was formed.  The Panel reported its findings and recommendations to the Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living.

Meetings were held with the following groups and organizations in the development of the report:

  • College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba
  • Manitoba College of Family Physicians
  • Manitoba Nurses Union
  • Association of Registered Nurses of Manitoba
  • College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba
  • Regional Health Authorities
  • Nurse Practitioner Association of Manitoba
  • Physicians in charge of specialty areas
  • Health Canada, First Nations and Inuit Health Branch
  • Doctors Manitoba
  • Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service (STARS)

Please note that Appendix A of the report has been removed to comply with The Freedom of Information and Personal Privacy Act regarding the privacy of individual persons who appeared at meetings with the Panel.