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What is the Secondary Suites Program?

  • Provides financial assistance to eligible homeowners to construct a secondary suite in the form of a forgivable loan for 50% of the total construction/renovation costs to a maximum of $35,000 per suite.


What are the qualifications and guidelines?

  • Eligible applicants are homeowners, who own the property and are living in the primary dwelling full-time where the secondary suite is to be developed.

  • The secondary suite must be a private, self-contained residential unit

  • A secondary suite can be in the basement or an above ground addition to the main dwelling, a garden suite, a carriage suite or garage suite.

  • Eligible applicants must lease secondary suites to tenants that have an annual gross household income below the applicable threshold as set out by Manitoba Housing.

  • Rents must be set at or below Affordable Housing Rental Rates (AHRRs) for the areas in which they are located and must remain affordable for at least ten (10) years. The monthly rental charge must be inclusive of essential services (heat, hydro, and water).

  • The homeowner is responsible for hiring, paying and managing all contractors and sub-trades. Homeowners will be required to submit copies of all receipts and sales agreements at the appropriate time to substantiate costs.

  • Manitoba Housing will enter into an agreement with the homeowner and will register a mortgage/encumbrance on the property for a 10-year period.

  • NOTE: To be eligible for funding you MUST receive written funding approval from Manitoba Housing prior to commencing construction of the secondary suite.


Where do you get more information on the program, or request an application?

  • To request an application package, or for more information on the Secondary Suite Program:
    • call 204-945-5566 in Winnipeg, toll-free 1-866-689-5566 outside Winnipeg


    • email your request to – housing@gov.mb.ca


    • visit our office at 200 – 352 Donald Street, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2H8


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