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The financial programs managed through the Manitoba Jobs and the Economy are targeted to help Manitoba enterprises start and prosper. The programs range from start-up assistance for small businesses to substantial financial leveraging to help attract jobs and investment into Manitoba.

Whats New?

May 15, 2014, Manitoba Government Announces Innovation Growth Fund, Enhanced Tax Credits to Help Companies Raise Capital to Grow, Create Jobs
The Manitoba government is launching a new Manitoba Innovation Growth Sidecar Fund and proposing enhancements to the Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit to help grow small business and...

Commercialization Support for Business Program

Manitoba has a Commercialization Support for Business Program to help entrepreneurs and businesses with every stage in the business lifecycle. Entrepreneurs can get support to create new ideas, products, services, processes, markets and jobs in all sectors and regions of the province.

Our Objectives

Increasing Access to Capital in Manitoba

The objective of Financial Services is to encourage and facilitate entrepreneurial and employment opportunities within the Province through the establishment of new businesses or the expansion/retention of existing Manitoba businesses.

How We Achieve Our Objectives:

The Branch promotes increased access to capital for industry by serving as a principal source of financial advice and assistance for businesses to expand or locate in Manitoba. In addition to delivery and administration of financial programs for the department, the Branch develops and administers a number of third party delivered pools of risk capital.

Phone: 204-945-0141
Fax: 204-945-1193

Top of the pageSmall Business Venture Capital Tax Credit Program (SBVCTC)

Formerly the Community Enterprise Investment Tax Credit Program (CEITC)

Preamble to the application:

  • Businesses and investors should read the Guiding Principles as well as the appropriate legislation and regulation pertaining to the Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit.  (See links at the bottom of this page)

  • Businesses and investors should seek the appropriate legal or tax advice.

  • Applications may be submitted in-person, by mail, courier, fax or email to:
    SBVC Tax Credit Program
    Suite 1040 – 259 Portage Avenue
    Winnipeg Manitoba  R3B 3P4
    Phone: 204-945-2475
    Fax: 204-945-1193
    Office hours are 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday

  • Applicants may apply to issue up to the life time limit of $10,000,000 in Eligible Investments in a given year; however, the Department may initially limit its approval to less than $10,000,000 in Eligible Investments. The applicant may request to issue the remainder of its $10,000,000 Eligible Investment life time limit  subject to:

    • the program's annual approval limit of $22,000,000 not being reached;

    • the applicant making its request prior to the expiry of its initial approval;

    • the applicant still meeting the criteria of an eligible small business corporation; and

    • all of the applicant's initial approval to issue Eligible Investments has been fully subscribed,

    • Applicants should note that the Department may require additional information and documentation to determine the applicant’s eligibility to issue shares as an Eligible Investment.

  • The Department may consider only complete applications.

  • No securities regulatory authority has evaluated or endorsed the merits of this investment.

  • The issuance of the tax credit receipt is not an endorsement of this investment by the Manitoba Government.

For information on the Income Tax Act that mentions the Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit program (formerly CEITC) please go to sections 11.13 to 11.17.

For Information on the Regulations for the
Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit program (formerly CEITC).


Guide to the SBVC Tax Credit Program

The 2014 SBVCTC Application is now available to download

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