Business & Economic Development

Funding and Tax Credits

Our Objectives: Increasing Access to Capital in Manitoba

The objective of Financial Services is to encourage and facilitate entrepreneurial and employment opportunities within the Province through the establishment of new businesses or the expansion/retention of existing Manitoba businesses.

How We Achieve Our Objectives

The Branch promotes increased access to capital for industry by serving as a principal source of financial advice and assistance for businesses to expand or locate in Manitoba. In addition to delivery and administration of financial programs for the department, the Branch develops and administers a number of third party delivered pools of risk capital.

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Annual Reports


  • The Commercialization Support for Business Program (CSB)
    The CSB Program was formed to help entrepreneurs and businesses with every stage in the business lifecycle. Entrepreneurs can get support to create new ideas, products, services, processes, markets and jobs in all sectors and regions of the province.
  • Partnerships for Economic Growth, a program that consolidates funding provided to third party organizations in support of economic development.

Tax Credits

  • Community Enterprise Development (CED) Tax Credit (CEDTC)
    The CEDTC encourages Manitoban resident investors or eligible corporations (permanent establishment in Manitoba and 25% of salary and wages paid by the corporation are paid to individuals who are residents of Manitoba) to invest in specific community enterprises or in community development investment pools in their communities. The aim is to assist community based enterprise development projects in raising local equity capital.
  • Manitoba Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (MIDMTC) is a refundable corporate income tax credit.  Companies can qualify to claim either a 40% or 35% tax credit on eligible project costs they incur and pay to develop an eligible interactive digital media product in Manitoba.
  • Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit Program (SBVCTC)
    The SBVC tax credit program assists eligible small business corporations to issue new equity to primarily new investors.

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