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On this site, you will find information about Manitoba's labour market, economic indicators and resources to help you chose a career path. Manitoba’s Labour Market Information Unit analyzes data and intelligence on Manitoba’s economic activity, demographics and labour market, and produces LMI publications to support government, businesses and individuals in making decisions.

The website also contains information on Canada's interprovincial labour mobility agreement (Chapter 7 of the Agreement on Internal Trade) for workers in regulated occupations.

What is Labour Market Information (LMI)?

LMI is knowledge, facts, data, and relevant information on the supply and demand of labour. It is gathered by monitoring, researching and analyzing local, regional and national economic indicators, focusing on employment and unemployment data, labour force participation rates as well as the researching and monitoring of skill and labour shortages. The primary purposes of our research and analysis is to provide Manitobans with current, accurate and relevant LMI to support informed planning and decision making.

How can LMI help you?

LMI helps individuals and businesses make informed decisions about careers, education, training, employment and business plans. LMI is also valuable to government and educational institutions. It provides the basis for decision making on program and policy making to meet the job and skills shortages of Manitoba's labour market. Meeting labour market needs is vital for a prosperous economy.

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