Agriculture and Food Processing : Manitoba's Growing Agri-food Industry

Meat, Dairy and Poultry

Meat Dairy and Poultry
  • Meat and poultry slaughtering and processing represent the largest segment of Manitoba's food processing industry.
  • Link to Pork GeneticsThe combined value of Manitoba's exports of live pigs, pork and related commodities in 2007 was close to $809 million. Manitoba produces the finest quality pork in Canada from lean, fast-growing genetic stock. Proven genetics, skilled producers, research, quality feeds and a team approach to business, all contribute to Manitoba's reputation for premium pork production, as the world's best.
  • The United States, Morocco, Cuba and Japan are significant importers of Manitoba's dairy products.
  • Link to Dairy GeneticsManitoba is a leader in embryo-transfer technology.
  • Manitoba has the resource base to meet the various production demands for all elements of the livestock industry; leading-edge expertise and labour resources, abundant land, water, energy and reasonably priced feed.
  • Manitoba has two egg processors that compete internationally and provide products for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Opportunities to explore:

  • Opportunities to explore in livestockInput suppliers such as equipment and genetics for the livestock sector
  • Specialty processed beef and pork and other meats such as forage – finished beef, Berkshire pork, elk and bison
  • Value-added processing of home meal replacement items
  • Demand for Canadian genetics driving the use of embryo transfers
  • Specialty processed dairy products
  • Production of value-added egg products
  • Emerging feedlot sector with potential for growth, poised to respond to expansion in the livestock industry.

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