Agriculture and Food Processing : Manitoba's Growing Agri-food Industry

Specialty, Prepared Foods and Beverage Sector

Specialty and Beverage Sector
  • Food Processing is one of Manitoba's most dynamic industries, with annual shipments over $4 billion, representing 22 to 23 percent of the province’s total manufacturing output.
  • The largest segment is meat and poultry processing. Other major segments include flour mills and bakeries, milk and cheese, and potato and vegetable processing.
  • The gourmet and specialty food industry is a growing segment of the total North American food industry and is currently growing at an annual rate of over nine per cent.
  • Value added processing of wheat and other cereal grains has developed significantly under the free trade agreement with the United States. Canada’s flour exports have grown by 50 per cent in the last decade.
  • Graphic of Ice WaterThe quality of Manitoba's water has been recognized internationally at the annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting event. Manitoba companies are recognized throughout the world for spirits and wine.
  • Market potential for liquid foods is high. There has been limited exploitation of export opportunities for value-added, liquid food products.
  • Manitoba restaurants serve food for every taste – from regional cuisine to ethnic specialties – using Manitoba’s finest, locally grown ingredients.
  • Manitoba has an established tradition in the production of confectionary foods, ranging from fine chocolates to family favourites.

Opportunities to explore:

  • Specialty foods  enhancing the Fine dining experienceSpecialty foods emphasizing quality and integrity of ingredients and production for niche markets for saskatoon berries, seabuckthorn berries and wild blueberries. (This includes a growing organic industry).
  • With increased demand for dried fruits in the cereal and baking industries, there is an opportunity for production of dried saskatoons, etc.
  • Liquid foods processing and packaging opportunities.
  • Ethnic food markets reflecting the multicultural population of Manitoba.

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