Agriculture and Food Processing -

Manitoba's Growing Agri-food Industry


Agriculture and Food Play a Key Role in Manitoba's Economy

  • Agricultural production represents an average of five per cent of the
    provincial gross domestic product. Food processing represents an
    estimated additional three per cent.
  • One in 11 jobs depends on direct and indirect spin-offs from agriculture.

Land Resource

  • Manitoba's immense size ensures continued growth for our
    agri-food industry.
  • The total land area of Manitoba is 54.8 million hectares (135.3 million
    acres). Of these, 14.6 million hectares (36.2 million acres), or
    26.6 per cent, have some agricultural potential.

Contribution of Food Processing

  • Manitoba produces approximately $4.0 billion of processed foods annually.
  • This represents 22 to 23 per cent of the total manufacturing output
    in Manitoba.

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