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About Manitoba

Manigotogan water system - a new Manitoba parkSummary:

Manitobans care about our planet earth. We all have our part to act responsibly to protect and maintain where we live and leave something better behind for future generations. Manitobans know we must be environmentally conscious in our decision-making.

Manitoba has world class environment companies that produce leading edge products, working together with several training institutions with excellent facilities and expertise. Many Manitoba companies are providing goods or services related to the measurement, prevention or remediation of environmental damage to water, air, soil, large blue recycling binas well as for dealing with problems related to waste, noise and eco-systems management.

The environment sector also includes companies developing or marketing resource-efficient technologies that reduce material inputs energy consumption, emissions and waste, when compared to traditional technologies.

There is a wealth of knowledge available to help businesses, government departments, the public sector and other organizations to promote sustainable development.

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