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General Issues

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First Nations Reserves


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The Residential Tenancies Branch can’t become involved in tenancy disagreements on reserve land.


A band can surrender, or give up, reserve land to a corporation. If the corporation then rents housing to tenants on this land, The Residential Tenancies Act applies.


A First Nations Band can set up a corporation with band members as shareholders in order to hold land off the reserve. The Residential Tenancies Act does apply when a First Nations Band Corporation is a landlord on non-reserve land.



This policy is included as information for band landlords renting to tenants off reserve land, tenants and officers. If a tenant and a band landlord aren’t able to solve a landlord and tenant problem on their own, they can ask the Branch for help.

Steps ▼

1.The officer encourages the band and tenant to share information, and to discuss the problem, to try to come to some agreement.

2.When a band or tenant asks the Branch for help with a tenancy problem, the appropriate officer follows the procedures for:

  • mediation
  • hearings

Forms & Form Letters


For more information on Mediation, see this section.
For details on Hearings, see Section 11.

Policy Developed

September, 1992*

Last Revision

March, 2004

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