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Tenancy Agreements

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Rental Unit Condition Report


s. 39, The Residential Tenancies Act
Residential Tenancies Regulations


Rental Unit Condition Report: a form a landlord and tenant complete and sign to show the condition of a rental unit at the beginning and end of a tenancy.


In the Residential Tenancies Regulation, there is a prescribed form for a condition report. The Branch provides a sample copy of this form. Some stationery stores also sell the forms. Many landlords create their own condition reports.


The Branch encourages a landlord and tenant to do a rental unit condition report when a tenant moves in or out or when there’s an assignment or sublet.


Either a landlord or tenant may ask to have a condition report done. When there’s a request, the landlord and tenant must inspect the unit and complete a report.


Once the report is signed, the landlord must give the tenant a copy.


If a landlord or tenant refuses to complete a condition report, the other person can ask the Branch for help.


A landlord or tenant may use a condition report as evidence to support or respond to:

  • a claim against a deposit;
  • a claim for compensation for damage or cleaning; or
  • an Application for an Order of Possession.

When a landlord or tenant give a notice to end the tenancy, the landlord may want to tell the tenant, in writing, what they expect the tenant to clean before moving.


Before the move out date, the landlord and tenant should make arrangements to do the end of tenancy condition report.

Ideally, both a landlord and tenant should sign the condition report at the end of the tenancy. However, occasionally a tenant leaves without signing the report. If this happens, the landlord should still complete the report. The landlord may want to ask another tenant or neighbour to witness the condition of the unit.


The Branch considers condition reports when deciding claims or other matters. The Branch generally accepts condition reports as evidence as long as:

  • the landlord gave the tenant a reasonable chance to complete an unsigned report; or
  • the report isn’t changed after the landlord and tenant sign it.



A landlord or tenant asks an officer for help because the other person is refusing to do a condition report. The officer contacts the landlord and tenant to discuss the problem. The officer tries to mediate. If mediation is not successful, the officer may make a decision.

Steps ▼

1.The officer reviews the complaint and contacts the person who is refusing to complete a condition report. The officer explains the requirement to do a report if either a landlord or tenant ask for one.

2.The officer then speaks to both the landlord and tenant to try to arrange a time to complete the report.

3.If mediation if not successful, the officer may:

  • order the landlord or tenant to complete the report; or
  • allow the landlord or tenant to complete the report with a third party as a witness.

Forms & Form Letters

Rental Unit Condition Report...........Form 5/Residential Tenancies Regulation


For information on mediation, see Section 1.
For information on claims against security deposits, see Security Deposit Claims – Guidelines for Decision in Section 10.

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March, 2004

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May, 2015

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