Display and Exhibition

Trade BoothPlease complete the BOOKING APPLICATION (PDF)

  • name of organization
  • contact information
  • name of display or exhibit
  • display area requested
  • duration of exhibit (start and end date—please include set up date and dismantle time as well)
  • goals of the exhibit (under description)
  • any special requirements

After your booking application has been received, a Manitoba Government representative will contact you within five business days to discuss your application.

Please Note:

  • Depending on what location you request and the time of year, the duration of your exhibit may need to be adjusted.
  • All costs associated with exhibits will be the responsibility of the organization requesting permission. 
  • Exhibitors will not be allowed to charge admission, place commercial advertising or have items for sale during the display period. 
  • Artist/Organizations are responsible for installation and dismantling.  Samples of exhibit will be required with application.

For information regarding event requests, please contact EventsRequest@gov.mb.ca