Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 13

Morden Dominion Post Office Building
352 Stephen Street

Morden Dominion Post Office Building
Designation Date: June 14, 1988
Designation Authority: Morden (Town)
Present Owner: Morden (Town)

The Morden Dominion Post Office recalls the image of progress, prosperity and stability the federal government instilled in the buildings it constructed in select rural towns around the turn of the twentieth century. The landmark structure, with its sturdy red brick walls, mansard roofs pierced with dormers and tall corner clock tower, displays the eclectic style and standardized elements and massing then used by government architects to establish a consistent identity for federal buildings. As with others of its type, the Morden facility housed a number of functions, including the post office on the main floor and customs and inland revenue offices on the second, making it one of the busiest destinations in town. The structure is also noted for its hand-wound public clocks, believed to be among the last that remain in Manitoba.