Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 66

Lecoy House
NW 26-15-11 EPM
Lac du Bonnet area

Lecoy House
Designation Date: April 16, 1991
Designation Authority: Lac du Bonnet (R.M.)
Present Owner: privately owned

Lecoy House, a straightforward open-area dwelling of hand-hewn squared and dovetailed log construction, artfully combines the elements of form and purpose. The functional pioneer home, one of the oldest structures in the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet, was crafted from materials at hand to accommodate the growing family of homesteader Isadore Lecoy. Beginning in 1929, it found a new use as the enlarged and renovated summer retreat of Dr. Henry Bruce Chown, a Winnipeg physician and medical researcher renowned for his work in addressing Rh hemolytic disease in fetuses and newborns. With its gardens largely restored to the form created by Dr. Chown, this site has become a charming rural lakeside property as well as a place of local historical significance.